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All adults in school contribute towards ongoing assessment for the children they work with.

In every year group we give children incisive, purposeful feedback in class and mark books in line with our marking policy.

When children start school in EYFS we use the Reception Baseline assessment tool to benchmark what children can and can't do. This then informs teachers what to plan to support all children most effectively. At the end of EYFS, we inform parents whether their child is, at expected or working towards. 

In Year 1, the children take part in the national phonics screening check in June. This helps us to see any gaps the children may have so they can continue to be supported with appropriate phonics in Year 2.

At the end of Year 2 we combine the national tests with our ongoing teacher assessment to let parents know whether their child is working below, at or at a greater depth in the Year 2 curriculum.

Please see our end of year data page for our school statistical data compared to local and national information.