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“Success in maths does not depend on how many answers you know, but by what you do when you don’t know the answer.” —Unknown

From budgeting our finances, to telling the time, maths is pivotal to all of our everyday lives. Maths at Tooting Primary School is about equipping every one of our children with the skills they need to solve problems in their everyday lives, both now, and in the future.

We believe that this involves:

  • developing children’s basic numeracy skills in counting and calculating;
  • helping children to take organised, logical approaches to challenges;
  • celebrating creative-thinking with number, calculations, shape and pattern;
  • fostering a love of thinking mathematically;
  • developing children’s reasoning skills;
  • and exposing children to a range of problems which require the application of the areas outlined above.

We don’t believe in a ‘One Size Fits All’ approach, so our teachers are highly trained in responding to the needs of individuals. They plan carefully tailored work to suit our pupils, rather than following a published scheme of work; this allows us to pitch work precisely, supporting less-confident mathematicians, whilst extending those who are most highly attaining.

Achieving mastery of a skill can’t be rushed, so we take time to deliver new concepts to the children, ensuring that they master the necessary areas before moving on to new content; this ensures deeper learning. Children’s understanding is secured through the opportunity to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding to a broad range of non-routine problems. We teach through a maths mastery approach at Tooting primary School.

Problem solving is at the very core of our maths lessons, after all, the ability to use and apply maths is fundamental to everyday life, both in childhood and adulthood. We ensure that the children are exposed to familiar and unfamiliar problems to develop their confidence and ability to choose relevant strategies side-by-side.

We believe that children should be encouraged to think analytically and creatively. Teachers promote discussion through rich, open-ended questioning, which promotes higher-order thinking, reasoning and explanation; this articulation consolidates children’s learning and develops children’s ability to raise questions of their own.

We believe that enjoyment of maths is key to developing confidence in the subject, therefore, we value the impact of maths games, and utilise these to develop children’s fluency alongside more formal methods of recitation and questioning.

Where possible, we look for practical ways of engaging the children in their maths lessons, for example, utilising our vast outdoor grounds. We endeavour to make cross-curricular links to really enthuse the children and make maths a meaningful experience for them.

At Tooting Primary School, we firmly believe that every child is a mathematician, and through supportive, engaging and creative teaching, we strive to help children realise this quality in themselves.