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The Discovery Zone - ASD Resource Base

"It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of a village." - Coach Elaine Hall

Hello and Welcome to the Discovery Zone ASD Resource Base at Tooting Primary School.

The Base at Tooting is a provision that caters for up to 21 pupils with a diagnosis of Autism from Reception to Year 6, with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

The Discovery Zone is made up of two class:

  • - Little Explorers (Reception – Year 2) – Class Teacher, Ms Dimitra Makrynori
  • - Galaxy Class (Year 3 – Year 6) – Class Teacher, Miss Caitriona Mitchell

Pupils within the Discovery Zone, access an adapated mainstream curriculum encompassing both the core and creative curriculum subjects. Where appropriate, pupils may access a personalised curriculum designed by their adults within school, targeting specific learning style and special educational needs.

All teaching and learning within the Discovery Zone, uses strategies that are suitable for children with autism and/or communication, including:

  • - Visuals
  • - Picture Exchange Communication (PECS)
  • - Makaton
  • - TEACCH
  • - Small group and individual learning activities
  • - Proloquo2Go and other IT Programmes to support communication.


In the Discovery Zone, we aim to facilitate pupils in integrating into mainstream classes, as appropriate to access elements of our taught curriculum.

 Integration is considered on an individual basis and is dependent on a child’s individual learning needs, social emotional and mental health and in collaboration with parents and school staff.

At Tooting Primary School, we understand that integration may not be appropriate for all pupils and encourage parents to discuss any concerns or ideas they may have around integration for their child, with the Head of Base/SENCo.


At Tooting Primary School, Galaxy Class and Little Explorers are supported by a number of adults including classroom assistants, a speech and language therapist (2 days p/w) and an Occupational Therapist (1 day p/w). 

Contact can be made with therapists via, parents@tootingprimary.org FAO: Base OT or BASE SaLT


If you have further questions or queries about the Discovery Zone, please contact us on via admin@tootingprimary.org

Please be advised that admissions to our base is not through the general admissions process as with the mainstream school but is strictly through the Wandsworth Special Needs Assessment Service (SNAS) only.